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One Christian’s Perspective On The Unrest In America

One Christian’s Perspective On The Unrest In America

The problem with America (and people) is that they would rather talk about problems, situations and negative attitudes than to actually pray about them. They would rather go on television or social media and voice their opinion instead of going to the One that is actually for the oppressed and hurting.

People tend to see the world through their own personal life experiences, no matter what color their skin is. We must get to the point that we see things through God’s eyes – not through yours or mine. And certainly not through television or social media. The old saying, “There are three sides to every story – yours, mine and God’s“ has a lot of truth in it.

Put down your signs and pick up your Bible, dust it off, read it, obey it, and it will change your life. And it will change our nation.

My challenge to you is for every post you put on, or share, on social media about the condition of our nation (or our leaders) spend one hour on your knees crying out to God concerning the situation. Maybe you could spend half an hour in prayer for every time you hit “like” to those same type of posts/photos.