Fruit Of Revival – Signs Of Revival

Fruit Of Revival – Signs Of Revival

True revival is not based on how excited the people are, how vibrant the music is, or even how many people attend. It is based solely on what fruit is produced.

Some, but not all, fruits of revival are:

1. Forgiveness
* Forgiveness between God and man. The backslidden and the lost turn to God for forgiveness of their sins. In true revival the backsliders and sinners are delivered by encountering the holy presence of God, not man, not programs, not a church and not a denomination.

* Forgiveness between men.

2. The manifest presence of God (the glory of God), and a renewed reverential fear of God.

God is present to heal, deliver and set free.

3. Holiness
Compromises with sin are gone – the people strive to be like Christ in holiness and righteousness.

4. Conviction
A spirit of conviction rests upon the church to such a degree that people are drawn to repentance without the prompting of man. Everyone in the church (members, attendees and visitors) feel the convicting power of the Holy Spirit to repent over things that they have done, that they shouldn’t have, as well as things that they haven’t done, that they should have. People weep over sins, theirs and others.

5. Prayer
People are consumed with prayer. It is no longer viewed as something done by only a few within the church. People value and are excited about the times that they are able to fellowship with God in prayer. People actually make time to attend prayer meetings.

6. The Holy Spirit is welcome.
People give up their agendas and plans and allow the Holy Spirit freedom to do whatever He desires. Believers allow the Holy Spirit to be their teacher, guide and counselor.

7. Obedience
People have a desire to obey God’s Word and the Holy Spirit. Pleasing God through obedience becomes more important than pleasing others or themselves.

8. Evangelism
To reach the lost and dying the church moves outside the building and into their neighborhood and city, then into the world.

9. True worship takes place – in spirit and in truth.

10. People crave a deeper intimacy with God, not religion.

They have a hunger for more of God in their lives.

11. Times of refreshing to believers, including peace and harmony.


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