Leviticus 6:8-10 NKJV
“Then the Lord spoke to Moses, saying, “Command Aaron and his sons, saying, ‘This is the law of the burnt offering: The burnt offering shall be on the hearth upon the altar all night until morning, and the fire of the altar shall be kept burning on it. And the priest shall put on his linen garment, and his linen trousers he shall put on his body, and take up the ashes of the burnt offering which the fire has consumed on the altar, and he shall put them beside the altar.”
The priests were to keep the fire on the alter burning at all times and to remove the ashes from the altar each morning. The purpose, or function, of the altar was for sacrifice and worship. To many ashes in a fire can cause the coals (fire) to go out or they could block the flame from burning brightly.
We must be diligent in removing our ashes of yesterday because, they can put the fire of God within us out. Some ashes of yesterday can be emotional baggage, unforgiveness, unrepeated sin, unfulfilled expectations, or longing for things of the past. There are times that people, and churches, are blinded by longing for things from the past (living in the past) so much that they cannot see God moving in their lives and churches.
Psalm 77:11-14 NKJV
“ I will remember the works of the Lord; Surely I will remember Your wonders of old. I will also meditate on all Your work, And talk of Your deeds. Your way, O God, is in the sanctuary; Who is so great a God as our God? You are the God who does wonders; You have declared Your strength among the peoples.”
We are to remember the great works of God because that builds our faith however, we must remember that God has greater things in store for us and that He works and moves in many different and new ways (Do not put God in a box). You cannot live in the past and have a fresh fire of God burning in your life at the same time. As believers we must get rid of ashes that accumulate each day. We can choose to remove those ashes, start each day fresh, ready to begin anew, or we can choose to hold on to them.


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