Lessons From The Tabernacle


We can look at the pattern that the tabernacle in the wilderness gives us to see that there is a pattern for experiencing the glory of God.


1. The people had to first come through a gate. We have to enter through a gate also and that gate is Jesus Christ. Repentance only comes through Jesus.

2. The people then gave their offering to the priest to place on the brazen altar for them. We must give to our Great High Priest, Jesus Christ, ourselves. We must lay all our plans, hopes, dreams, and ideas on the altar. We must totally give ourselves to God.

3. The priest would get their hands and feet dirty just by performing their daily activities and jobs. Before the priest entered the holy place (each and every time) he would wash his hands and feet. Before we enter into the presence of God, we too, must spiritually have clean hands and feet. We too, get dirty just by performing our daily routines. The laver that the priest washed in was made out of bronze mirrors. It represents the Word of God. We must look into the Word of God and see ourselves the way we truly are. Then we must allow the water of the Word to wash over us and to cleanse us. We must allow conviction and repentance to be a daily part (ongoing process) of our lives .

4. Once the priest entered the holy place he ministered to God by the light of the lampstand. He offered up incense to God and ate from the table of shewbread. We too must minister to God by the light of the Holy Spirit. We are to offer up incense to God through our prayer, praise and worship. As we partake of communion we are eating from the table of shewbread.

5. Only after the priest had prepared himself and ministered to the Lord would he then go into the holy of holies where the manifest presence of God was. We too must prepare ourselves and minister to God before we can enter into the manifest presence of God.



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